The operation life of tools is a problem in machining production

Currently, CNC manufacturing companies are facing many challenges in production:
1) Reduce the cost of individual parts to maintain competitiveness
2) Break through the bottleneck of processing
3) Improve metal removal rate
4) Improve the utilization rate of machine tools
5) Reduce tool clamping or tool changes

There must be a way to produce the component more cost-effective! Progress isn’t always big changes are needed every time. The progress in actual production is usually obtained by many small optimizations, but the benefits brought by it are greatly improved.

The extension of the operation life of tools and the enhancement of wear resistance and heat resistance can help minimize unexpected downtime, improve the safety, processing efficiency and productivity of the turning process, and reduce the waste of cemented carbide inserts and workpiece materials. It is a necessary condition to realize sustainable processing.

GC4425 tool is the material of choice for steel turning, and it performs better than competitors in most steel turning applications. The wear resistance, heat resistance and toughness of the new material have been improved.

And expand the scope of application:
1) Low alloy steel and non-alloy steel
2) Suitable for mass production
3) External and internal machining
4) Continuous cutting and slightly interrupted applications in finishing machining and roughing machining