Heat Treatment of Precision screws

The heat treatment of precision screws refers to a metal thermal processing technology in which the screw is in a solid state through heating, heat preservation and cooling to obtain the expected structure and performance. In many cases, heat treatment is used to increase hardness, strength and increase wear resistance.

The heat treatment process includes 3 steps:
1.Heating: The metal is heated to a specific temperature, at which the structural characteristics will change.
2.Soaking: Keep the metal at a specified temperature until the entire part is evenly heated.
3.Cooling: The metal cools back to room temperature at a specified rate.

Heat treatment is mainly used for steel screws and stainless steel screws. Jiesheng Hardware has rich experience in processing and heat treatment of various alloy steel and carbon steel materials, which can meet your project requirements.
There are four types of heat treatment:
Annealing: is to heat the workpiece to an appropriate temperature, use different holding time according to the material and workpiece size, and then slowly cool it, the purpose is to make the internal structure of the metal reach or close to the equilibrium state, obtain good process performance and use performance, or for further quenching Prepare for organization.
Custom made stainless steel flat head step screw metric precision hex socket head shoulder screw
Normalizing: is to heat the workpiece to a suitable temperature and then cool it in the air. The effect of normalizing is similar to annealing, except that the resulting structure is finer. It is often used to improve the cutting performance of materials, and sometimes used for parts that are not demanding. As the final heat treatment.

Quenching: is the rapid cooling of the workpiece in quenching media such as water, oil, other inorganic salts, and organic aqueous solutions after heating and holding the workpiece. After quenching, the steel parts become hard, but at the same time become brittle. In order to eliminate the brittleness in time, it is generally necessary to temper in time.

Tempering: is to reduce the brittleness of steel parts. The quenched steel parts are kept at an appropriate temperature higher than room temperature but lower than 650°C for a long time before cooling.

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