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Why do customers choose and trust Jeasnn?

Since its establishment in June 2008 to the present, Jiesheng Hardware has always been committed to providing customers with competitive customized precision hardware parts solutions as its mission.

Our vision is to become the preferred hardware industry service provider for international brand customers, adhering to the values ​​of "customer first, continuous improvement, integrity, gratitude, and teamwork.

Therefore, even if many hardware processing factories are facing closure due to Covid-19 and the continuous increase in material cost, our Jiesheng Hardware can still increase its performance by 30% year-on-year in such a difficult situation, and it has been highly praised by the Canadian company:

CANADIAN COMPANY REVIEW: I work with a few companies in China for all my orders and I am very impressed with this one! First, I communicate with Elaine and she is very kind, proactive, responsive, consistent and very easy to work with. I 've really enjoyed working with her for a year now. As for the product I order, it has very detailed work and they do an outstanding job. Their attention to details on the specific sizing, finish, and anodization (various colours!) is impeccable. I am incredibly happy with their service and finished product. This is the type of company I want to continue to support and partner with-good and hard working people! I would 100% recommend!

As our customers said, Elaine is kind, proactive, and responsive... If you have customized requirements such as CNC aluminum parts,step screws,shoulder screw,aluminum beads etc., you can contact our Elaine at [email protected].
I believe she will be the person you 100% recommend.