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The Surprise from new colleagues

A pleasant surprise at the morning meeting in jiesheng hardware

Today is a surprise day. In this morning,we came to the office on time as usual,but in the end of morning meeting,the new colleagues said took a moment our time to let them express their thanks for their adviser.The surprise is that they get ready a gift for their advisers ,this situation reminds me one sentence that The gift itself may be small, but the goodwill is deep.

In life ,we with a grateful heart and the same way in our work.We can do everything we can to help those who need help, the same,We do all we can to ensure products the customers buy from us are the very best.


We thanks to every customer to give us the opportunity to cooperation and we will try our best to do well anything and which made our clients happy.


The heart that takes a thanksgiving faces a life,facing a work,facing everything.


We are jiesheng’people,we have our spirit.