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Why Should you Choose Jiesheng hardware(Jeasnn)?

1. The imported equipment from Taiwan and Japan guarantees product precision accuracy of ±0.002mm

12 years OEM / ODM production experience .

33 set CNC Machining Center,62 set CNC Lathe Machine,87 set Automatic Lathe Machine,20 set Screw Machine

2.Professional R&D team provides customers with good customized solutions.

We have Four Designers with 20 Years Design Experience in hardware spare parts Industry.

3.Jeann strictly abide by the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and AQL 0.65 standard.

The Jiesheng Hardware Quality Management Systems ensure your most stringent specifications are being met and in strict accordance with the AQL 0.65 standard inspection delivery the goods.

4. Jeasnn dobavlja izdelke MSA, SIEMENS, FLEXTRONICS in HAAS.

Jeasnn je uspešno opravil certifikate MSA, HAAS, SIEMENS in FLEXTRONICS najboljših 500 svetovnih podjetij in postal odličen dobavitelj zanje na Kitajskem.

5.Samples ready in as fast as 30 minutes; 1-piece MOQ

Your only need to tell us what your think ,we can provide a one stop service :Deasign-Drawing-Samples-Testing-Confirmation-Mass production-Delivery of finished products.