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Jiesheng Hardware News

Apgaismošanas detaļu apstrādes risinājumi un modeļi.

Your trusted partner in the manufacturing of Lighting parts.

Jiesheng Hardware offers luminaires manufacturers precision parts for luminaires products .

we made of high quality aluminum metarial (such as aviation aluminum 7075 ).

Tie ir ātri karstumā, viegli, izturīgi un videi draudzīgi.

All lighting components its effectiveness covering the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standards specification.

What is the machining solutions and designs of lighting parts in Jiesheng Hardware?

1. izmeklēšana(professional engineers and sales who provide 24-hour service)

2. dizains(just tell us your idea, our design department designers give you design as your requirements.)

3. zīmējums(Confirmation of the working drawing by both parties)

4. Prototips(Samples ready in as fast as 30 minutes )

5. Testēšana(The quality inspector test . send you the samples)-

6. Apstiprinājums(feedback from your side)

7. Masu produkcija(Produced according to drawings)

8. Virsmas apstrāde(Polishing,Anodizing,Electroplating,Black oxide coating,Heat-disposing)

9. Delivery of finished products(Continuous follow-up the delivery of goods)

10. Pēc pārdošana(Respond promptly to any feedback)