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Techninė įranga pritaikymas ir tendencijos

Custom hardware is based on a single product, to provide consumers, including the style of element matching, structural modeling integrity, material range selectivity, functional applicability and other four space customization services, so that consumers have a unique sense of experience.

As we all know, the current hardware industry there are all kinds of materials, but not every kind of metal materials are in line with consumer decoration style, quality of life and environmental standards, but also because of this, custom hardware in the choice of materials, Autonomy, the use of the advantages of global procurement, to provide consumers with customized materials model and products.

Kaip pritaikyti?

You send us drawing or sample

We send you an offer

You think the offer ok and pay for samples charge

We make the sample and send it to you

You think the sample is good then place an order and pay us 30% deposit

We start to make the product

You pay for the 70% balance

We ship the goods for you by express/air/sea

The whole order is done, thank you