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Lighting Parts

The luminaire can reflect and integrate within architecture with the purest form that will enhance
and add value to its environment, energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solutions to satisfy the
need for light when human beings engage in various activities.

Each type of luminaire consists ofmany parts, such as light source plate,welding wire,silicone grease ,plastic parts, metal parts...


Jiesheng hardware specializes in the production of hardware spare parts for luminaire:spotlight,stage lights,projector light,downlight,LED luminaires,sidelights,moving light,bike light

Main products include:aluminum parts,brass parts ,stainless steel parts,steel parts,heat sink...
These products are made of high quality imported material (such as aviation aluminum 7075 ).
They are fast in heat, light in weight, durable and environmentally friendly.

Lighting Components

☛ High quality 7075 aluminum material

☛ Custom precision lighting partsFast in heat,light in weight

☛ Durable and environmentally friendly

☛ Use for intelligent lighting

☛ Provide assembly service