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Jeasnn Mid-Autumn Festival Party

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. September 13, 2019, is the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in China.

It's a family day in China like Thanksgiving. There are many traditional and new celebrations. 

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1.What is the Origin of Mid-Autumn Festival.

2. How to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Last weekend We advance to celebrate the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival with a party.


1.Having Dinner Together — Happy Family Reunion Time

As the Mid-Autumn Festival represents the reunion of families, families will have dinner together on that night.

2. Playing Poker Cards

Playing poker cards game with our colleagues.

3. Table Soccer

A games of table soccer with four persons in group.

4. Singing and Dancing

Singing and dancing in KTV. our staff singing is very pleasant.

5. Playing Mahjong

It's a fun and challenging game that tests your quickness and mahjong skills.

6. Playing billiards

playing billiards to relax ourselves a little bit.

7. Barbecue

we had a barbecue on the courtyard of the villa.


It  is a wonderful day, everyone is having a wonderful day. Thank you for letting me share this wonderful day with you.

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