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How to avoid the pinch of machined parts in CNC machining?



Making soft jaws can prevent machined parts from being pinched during CNC machining.

The soft claw can fit the surface of the machining parts to the greatest extent, which can not only ensure the transmission of greater torque, but also avoid the machining parts from being pinched.


Pay attention to the following issues when making soft jaws:

1. the material of soft jaws 

For mass production, the hardness of the soft jaws will have a great influence on the stability of processing. Choosing a soft jaw material with a higher hardness than the machining parts will increase the service life of the soft jaws.


2. the size of the soft jaws 

the soft jaws should hold at least 1/3 of the length of the machining parts.


3. For the installation position of the soft jaws on the chuck, any T-block exceeding the maximum diameter of the chuck is not allowed, which will pose a great safety risk.

4.Make the inner hole the same size as the diameter of the machining parts to reduce the possibility of pinching the machining parts.


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