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Good job!!! Jeasnn Purchasing CITIZEN LFV CNC Machine

Recently Jeasnn import of advanced technology---(CITIZEN)LFV Technology


LFV technology stands for low-frequency vibration cutting.

The servo axes are vibrated in the axial direction using a unique control technology whereby cutting is performed while synchronizing.

this vibration with the rotation of the spindle.This cutting method introduces regular "air-cutting" into the cycle,

breaking up of chips into very small pieces making it the optimum processing method for difficult-to-machine materials.


Which materials are LFV best suited for?

stainless steel, aluminum, steel, brass, copper, nylon, plastic, and more.


Micro -hite up to ±0.01-0.005mm with an accuracy ) with an accuracy






– Contour Turning                                     Threading    

– Form Turning                                          – External

– Taper Turning                                        – Internal

– Straight Turning                                      

Tapping                                                      Counterboring

Thread Milling                                          Countersinking

Internal Forming                                       Profiling

Reaming                                                   Chamfer


All the above production processes can be processed and formed by feeding once with high production efficiency and lower machining cost and high speed.


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