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Fête d'anniversaire d'août --- matériel Jiesheng (Jeasnn)

Notre entreprise compte quatre collègues nés dans le calendrier lunaire de juillet, et nous célébrons l'anniversaire avec eux en août.

Ce sont nos photos d'anniversaire.

Our boss gave a birthday red packet to our 4 colleagues,we sang a happy birthday song for them,they are very happy.

I remember a colleague said:“This is my fifth birthday in Jiesheng(Jeasnn), I am very happy, I feel that Jeasnn is a warm family, everyone is like a family. When I sent these happy photos to my mother, she said that I don’t worry you working far away from home.”I am very happy to grow up with Jeasnn, a warm team, and I am proud of myself and the growth of the team..”

Jeasnn Culture:One person can walk fast,a group of people can go far.

Jeasnn values:Happy work,happy life.