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Fall protection Equipment

“Safety ”is always the mission of protecting every life. It is the greatest respect for every life that enables people all over the world to work safely and to let their families and the people around them live healthily.


Whether it is petrochemical, natural gas, fire protection, public utilities, industry, or the refrigeration industry and water treatment, the working environment of any industry is inseparable from the protection of safety equipment. 


Jiesheng Hardware specializes in the production of high quality hardware spare parts for safety equipment.such as climbing Equipment, fall protection equipment, etc.

High altitude anti-fall safety buckle with high precision, high quality, high performance, and other safety equipment protect your safety, include CNC parts,  milling parts, turning parts, aluminum parts, stainless steel parts ...


Fall Protection Equipment

★ High altitude anti-fall safety spare parts

★ High quality finishes

★ Tight tolerances & finishing service

★ CNC machining servicePrecision

★ Precision CNC machining service

★ Use for fall protection and climbing

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