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Ungiftige eloxierte Aluminiumkugeln sind perfekt für Ihre DIY-Bastelprojekte.

Die Aluminiumperlen sind aus reinem Metall.They will not peel, tarnish, chip, corrode or blister, making them hypoallergenic and quite durable.

We accepted mass production and customize the size you need.

Aluminum beads are superior lightweight strength, Beautiful anodizing surface.

Anodized 14 colors, colorful, red, green, blue, gold,silver,pink,teal,grey,brown,purple,orange,royal blue,chocolates.

Anodized aluminum beads custom size style and color according to your request.

Non-toxic anod ized aluminum balls are perfect for your DIY crafting projects.

Learn more details visit our beads catalog

We provide you with the high quality aluminum beads on the market!

Jeasnn has established high quality in design, materials and machining service. At the same time focus on realizing your ideas and designs. Just tell us your ideas.