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Advantages of CNC Machining Automation Production Lines

What is CNC machining?


The CNC machining automation production line can automatically operate or

control according to specified procedures or instructions without intervention.

The goal is “stable, accurate and fast” increase labor productivity and reduce costs.


Products produced using machined automated production lines should have sufficient

output; product design and processes should be advanced, stable, and reliable, and remain

essentially unchanged over a longer period of time. The use of automatic lines in large

 batches and mass production can improve labor productivity, stabilize and improve product

quality, improve working conditions, reduce production floor space, reduce production costs,

shorten production cycle,ensure production balance, and have significant economic benefits.


The advantages of CNC Machining Automation Production Line


1. Safety Whether it is single or online, the operator's hands are in the safe area outside

the working range of the mold and CNC machine tools to reduce safety accidents.


2. High efficiency online machining automation production line is particularly obvious, more

than two can be connected, the number of theoretical online is not limited, automatic plus

automatic feeding device is more efficient.


3.Economic, Versatile. This product is not limited by a number of sets, simple debugging,

simple switching (just change the mold when you change the mold can be used), the batch

can be used, economical. Because it is Asynchronous online.


4. It is convenient for different CNC machine tool brands to be installed online. After one

installation is fixed, it can work as a single machine or online. Adjacent machines can

connect several units without restriction. Just adjust the console mode button.

You can turn off the power and air supply without machining the automated production line.

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