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Masterful Machined Parts Assembly Services

At Jiesheng Hardware, we offer light assembly capabilities in support of ourprecision machining capabilities. In addition to making precision components, we can assemble them into finished parts or subassembly units. Light assembly capabilities can complement precision machining capabilities by providing additional value-added services to customers. Precision machining typically involves the manufacturing of complex, high-tolerance components or parts using advanced machinery and techniques. Once the precision machining process is complete, the resulting components may require additional assembly to become a functional product.

 JeaSnn's Assembly Service

Our Assembly Services Include:


Sub-assembly:Assembling smaller components or sub-components into larger assemblies, which are then incorporated into the final product during the assembly process. Assembling various metal parts sourced from different suppliers or production lines according to design specifications to create the final product.


Fastening and joining:Attaching parts together using fasteners such as screws, bolts, or rivets, or joining them using adhesives, welding, or other methods.


Functional Testing:Testing the assembled product's functionalities to verify its performance and ensure proper operation. This may involve mechanical, electronic, or other types of tests.


Debugging and Calibration:Fine-tuning and calibrating certain components post-assembly to ensure the overall product's precision and accuracy.


Special Processes:Some products might require special processes like welding, bonding, or adhesive applications, which also need to be performed during assembly.


Lubrication and Coating:Applying lubrication or specialized coatings during assembly to control friction and corrosion between components.


Packaging and Labeling:Properly packaging the assembled product to prevent damage during transportation, and labeling with essential information such as model numbers and batch codes.


Advantages and Benefits of JeaSnn's Assembly Service:


Want to simplify your singleprecision machined componentprocesses? By working with us, you can reduce:


1. The number of SKUs entering your facility for inventory, resulting in easier inventory management

2. The number of packaging materials coming into your facility that you need to dispose of, resulting in more eco-friendly and less expensive inbound shipping and receiving operations

3. The time and cost for unpacking and moving multiple parts through your facility, resulting in faster and cheaper production operations

4. The time for assembly on your own production line, resulting in a shorter time to market



Why Choose JeaSnn's Assembly Services:


High-Quality metal parts:Assembly services ensure that each component of the product undergoes rigorous quality checks and testing, guaranteeing the final product meets standards and customer requirements.


Risk Reduction:By conducting quality inspections and tests during assembly, the risk of product issues or failures during usage can be lowered, minimizing customer risks and losses.


Improved Efficiency:Professional assembly services optimize production processes, enhance efficiency, reduce production time, helping customers bring products to market faster.


Cost Savings:Outsourcing assembly services can lower customers' internal manufacturing costs, as they don't need to invest significant resources and equipment into assembly.


Time Savings:Professional assembly services can save customers substantial time, as they don't need to manage various aspects of the assembly process themselves.


Increased Market Competitiveness:Through outsourced assembly services, customers can launch new products faster, enhancing their competitiveness in the market.


Whether you need finished parts or subassembly units, the light assembly team at Jiesheng Hardware has got you covered. We will work with you to ensure we meet your assembly work instructions and quality standards, so you can be sure your finished products will operate and perform as intended. Contact us today to learn more.