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Equipment Upgrade! CNC Machining Empowers Custom Metal Manufacturing


Jiesheng Hardware is a professional manufacturer of custom precision metal parts, the products line including CNC machining parts, CNC milling parts, CNC turning parts, shafts, custom screws and nuts.We have been focusing on the design, production and sales of precision metal parts to provide one-stop service for our customers. We can provide customers with perfect product design and develop efficient and high-quality production plans with our professional technology. 


Latest updates of the JeaSnn

Since relocating to a new factory in October last year, our company has gradually introduced 6 sets CNCmachining equipment to meet customer ordering needs, improve accuracy, reduce waste, save costs, and ensure quality.


Citizen A20 Swiss lathe machine

The Citizen A20 5-Axis CNC machinehas been acclaimed as a high capability, low-cost machine solution.

machining long slender workpieces, such as precision shafts, bushings,pin shafts etc.

Production range of outer diameter can be 1mm to 25mm,

Production range of length can be 1mm to 200mm,

And the tolerance can be controlled within 0.001mm.

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 CNC milling JeaSnn

CNC milling machines(3 axis, 4 axis,5 axis)

The CNC milling parts process involves rotating the cutting tool to remove the material from the workpiece, while the workpiece remains stationary.

● Most engineering plastics and metals as well as composites are able to be milled using CNC services.

● CNC milling components are known for their high precision, accuracy and tolerability.

● Precision CNC milling is capable of handling parts with complex geometries.

● CNC milling is a method that can be used to create parts starting from the very beginning.

● CNC milling with 3axis, 4axis, and 5axis offers flexibility to produce complex parts.

● The CNC milling process is very efficient, and it can handle multiple surfaces at once.

Intelligent automation and improved efficiency allows for 24 hour continuous operation.

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 CNC machining JeaSnn


Jiesheng Hardware puchasing more CNC machining equipment to meet customer needs and deliver on time, as promised by our commitment toMake Better Products,Faster & More Precise.


Thank you to our customers for their continued support, trust, and cooperation in helping us excel. As a factory devoted to offering high quality custom metal parts, we will remain dedicated to offering you more outstanding services and products.

For any inquiries you may have about our newly introduced CNC machining equipment, production capacity improvement efforts or any other aspect, we are always available to provide comprehensive answers.Please feel free to contact us through the following methods:

Contact information:

Email: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing your voice, understanding your needs, and providing customized solutions for you. Thank you for choosing Jiesheng Hardware. We look forward to serving you.