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  • Месинг CNC Precision превръщайки части
  • Brass CNC Precision Turning Parts for sale
  • Brass CNC Precision Turning Parts for sale
  • Месинг CNC Precision превръщайки части
  • Месинг CNC Precision превръщайки части
  • Месинг CNC Precision превръщайки части

Месинг CNC Precision превръщайки части

  • Grade:
  • Anodize; Polishing; Zinc/Nickel/Chrome/Gold Plating, Sand Blasting,Phosphate Coating & etc.

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Спецификация, Chemical & механични свойства


Precision Processing Drilling, Milling, CNC turning, Grinding, Wire cutting, EDM & etc.
Материал Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper & etc.
Обработка на повърхността Anodize; Polishing; Zinc/Nickel/Chrome/Gold Plating, Sand Blasting,Phosphate Coating & etc.
Измерение As per customers' request
Tolerance Precision ±0.001-0.005mm / As request.
Part Color Natural,Plating, etc.
Проби Available.
Преднина Based on the quantity of order (Usually 2-3 weeks)
Quality System 100% Inspection before shipment
Опаковане As customer's specific requirements
Доставка By sea, By air, By DHL,UPS ,TNT& etc.
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Stainless Steel CNC Parts


Steel CNC Parts


Aluminum CNC Parts


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CNC turning parts for market sectors

  Over the last 10 years, we had kept getting new and high precision CNC turning lathe machines to improve our production capability. Most of our clients who are in charge of various providing high precision, quality spare parts to their downstream industries. They choose APPORO as their best CNC machining service manufacturer and repeatedly cooperate with us for the past many years.


Our Capability of CNC Turning
Regarding the production capability of CNC lathe machined parts which are literally with linearly appearance. When CNC machining, the raw material rod (usually made of metal or plastic) is rotating with high RPM. A cutting tool is traversed along X, Y or Z axis of motion to manufacture precise dimensions. CNC turning shaft is one of the most seen spare parts, used in various market sectors, such as multi-function printer, scanner, driving shaft for torque transmission, etc, Alloy steel with case hardened or carburizing for better wearing resistance can meet requirement of high torque transmission purpose.

Raw Material for CNC Turning
Our production lines are also well experience with CNC turning screw manufacturing. Customized slotted head set screw with flat end for electronic revenue meter, fine or coarse adjustment purpose. Material ranged from brass C3604, copper C11000, stainless steel 303 304 316L, aluminum alloy 2011 6061 T6. We are also well experienced with machining customized CNC machined screw made of titanium alloy to meet high corrosion resistance, high strength-to-density ratio requirements.

CNC Turning Titanium Parts
We are proud of our high precise and reliable machining capability on CNC turning titanium parts. Cutting parameters and cutting fluid do matter to complete high quality manufacturing procedures on machining parts made of titanium alloy. Our clients are from aerospace, medical instrument, biomedical device, biotechnology and bioengineering or even analytical chemistry industries. We can predict that the market demand of titanium turning parts has increased steadily. It is because only titanium alloy can meet their requirements, some are extremely critical. Nowadays, titanium alloy turned parts are widely used throughout the world in many of the harshest environments, such as military, aerospace, petroleum industries, either topside and subsea, tunnelling, mining, construction and agricultural industries, where they are subject to both physical abuse and exposure to dust, salt water etc.

Finally, at APPORO, we use powerful 4-axis CNC lathe machines for manufacturing CNC machined parts. You are welcome to visit our official website for more understanding about our CNC production capability and send us inquiry for free project review.

Precision Engineering

precision-engineeringDedicated to High Quality Low Priced Precision Engineering
Here at CAM Machine Components we are committed to CNC Engineering of the utmost quality.
Our Quality Control Gauge Room is a stand alone room fully manned at all times by one of our team of precision engineers.
One of our 6 time served precision engineers will always be on patrol inspection, maintaining an on the line inspection at all times.
We are a CNC precision engineering company with fantastic customer retention due to us being easy to deal with, reasonably priced, and providing a quick turnaround when needed.
CAM Machine are constantly reinvesting and replacing CNC Machining tools and machinery to retain our title as a state-of-the-art CNC engineering company.
We stand out among other engineering firms due to our:
Highly equipped quality control centre
Tesa Microhite 3D Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
Faro Gage Arm c/w Aberlink software and Bluetooth
Tesa hite 400 height gauge
Full and comprehensive range of direct measuring equipment
Bowers 3 prong internal bore measuring set ranging from 16mm up to 230mm Ø
A range of plain plug, screw plug and screw ring gauges
Internal dial gauges, dial bore gauges
Aberlink Axiom Too 900 – CNC CMM
Baty Venture 300 – Optical CMM
All covered by a 6 monthly external calibration audit and regular checks on direct measuring equipment by our in-house head of Quality Control.

Опаковка Infomation


1.Custom CNC Machining Service: Customize kinds of materials machining parts and plastic parts according to your drawing or picture.
2.Custom CNC Turning parts: Customize CNC machining parts and plastic parts of various materials according to your drawing.
3.Custom Mould: Plastic injection mold and Injection molding, Surface Finish, Assembling and Test,ect.
4.Custom Design: We can do the design for you according to your idea and sample.
5.Prototype Make: Welcome to make the prototype.


Преди цитата, моля да ни помогне да се знае, тъй като по-долу:
1.Size drawing( if you have no drawing, please tell us your products detail size and send us your picture.
2.Material (Aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, steel, iron, alloy, zinc etc.
3.Quantity (If your quantity reach our MOQ the price will be better
4.Surface treatment (Polishing; Anodize; Nickel, Zinc, Tin, chrome ,Silver plating etc.

6.Packing Term